• Light is Art

    House of Bezalel is a Creative Company made up of a group of creative
    enterprises in the sectors of Interior Decoration, Visual Arts, Fashion, Graphics.

  • Art hub for upcoming artists in Lagos

    Prior to becoming a group, House of Bezalel has been actively delivering creative solutions for the last three years.

  • We ooze creativity and innovation

    Founded in 2016, House of Bezalel was created from the need to solve and bring light
    to the existing challenges faced in the African creative sector.

Our innovative solutions
to problems

These are our child companies creating innovative solutions to solve Africa's challenges
BZL Crew

BZL CREW is a mural company established to be a collective of Mural/Graffiti artists. We pride ourselves on creating contemporary and professional artwork for interior and exterior spaces.

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Bezalel Studios

BEZALEL STUDIOS is a visual art company established to be a hub for visionary / prophetic artists, who are in pursuit of the ultimate meaning and expression of Art. We conceive and create lofty/prophetic arts

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Just Adire

JUST ADIRE is a textile company based in Lagos, we are into production of batik and adire textiles. We pride ourselves in creating top notch contemporary and classical adire designs on chiffon, silk and brocades.

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